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HYPE Project aims to develop products that are made of recycled HDPE, High-Density Polyethylene, the most common product used to create disposable plastic bags. At the moment, plastic bags and wraps can’t be recycled using curbside recycling programs, therefore most bags end up in the landfill, rivers, and the ocean.

The Hype Project will be implemented in various phases, the most important part is to bring awareness of the effect that HDPE plastic has into our rivers and oceans. The second phase is to develop and share recycling techniques that can be implemented at home. We need to find ways to add value to the material so that it can be used in durable household products. The final phase is to develop household appliances that can be purchased commercially to allow users to recycle in their own homes to create fun and exciting products.

  • Date: 08/2019
  • Client: Hype Project Organization
  • Filed under: Art Direction, Branding & Corporate Identity, Graphic Design
  • Link: hypeproject.org/